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During this week Davide offers different kind of personal sessions (every day), Guided Meditations (generally on Thursday evenings) and Live Music Meditations (generally on Sunday evenings). 

Duing the weekend, Davide guides a 2 days long personal growth workshop where the general structure is always the same while the specific content changes from month to month. These contents are chosen by Davide depending from the group and according to the level of experience of the participants in order to allow each one to get the greatest possible benefit from the course. 

In between teachings, the group is always guided into different kind of meditations, visualizations, breathing and emotional rebalancing exercises. 

In his teachings Davide points at the overlapping of funfamental scientific knowledge with key elements of the wisdom proceeding from Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbhala and Christianism. All simplified in ways that everyone can easily grasp and digest. 

His desire is always to create a space of deep self-communion where each one can reconnect with his essence. 

Davide's passion to understand in depth the human nature led him to obtain a doctorate in Biomedicine and work during 10yeras in Clinical Cancer Research. The progressive self-discovery through meditation and spiritual practice made him enter the fields of Integrative Medicine, Life Coaching and Spiritual Teaching. Always open to new adventures, Belgium, Olanda, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia and the United States are the places where he offers his current activitiy. 

Feel free to join one of his workshops and discover more about your self and how to cultivate your global wellbeing. 
Schrijf in voor onze nieuwsbrief